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Super Nintendo 3DS and DSi flash cards R4 Super Card are used for playing ROMs - that is game backup files. Most people think that all ROMs are illegal when in fact there is a large ammount of supercard 3dsHomebrew DS games and apps that are released by their programmers online for free download with a public domain license so 100% legit. Nintendo SD cards is limited to playing music (no MP3s) and pictures, but with a 3DS Flash cartridge like SuperCard DS you can turn your Nintendo 3ds into a fully functional portable media player. Super Card 3DS cartridges use micro SD cards for storing files, so memory can be expanded and upgraded at any time. micro SDHC cards up to 32GB are supported and compatibility with 64GB+ SDXC will be added in future firmware updates.


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Nintendo 3DS SD card slot will not let you play games or MP3 files from an SD card, but with DS flash card adapter you can use SD cards in the DS cartridge slot to run nintendo nds homebrew and legaly made game backups. 3DSLinux is another application that is made possble only thanks to the R4 flash cards and Super Card

genesis3DS nes3DS snes3DS mame3DS gameboy3DS GBA3DS emulators will work on SuperCard 3DS backup sd card. 3-in-1 version even adds rumble pack feature to the nintendo handeld in addicion to Super Card running backup.

Flash Linker for 3DS and movie player buy SuperCard neoflash gba Card. Nintendo R4 doesn't even get close to the Super Card DS one a.k.a DSonei dsi best 3DS flash card. Buy from one of our trusted retailers or R4 DS cards, n3ds DStt SuperCard homebrew cartridge emulator roms. 16GB micro sd cards for DS rom patcher with full nintendo slot 1 compatibility and nintendo dpg beup 3DS scumm3DS scummvm3DS moonshell dsorganize DS cards dpg DS homebrews DS DSLinux.

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Q: How is 3DS SuperCard different from other 3DS flash cart?
A: SuperCard DSTWO 3DS is real 3DS flash cartridge, with the added benefit of a powerful CPU, that helps it play GBA Emulator games and display DivX and full HD video without editing it on PC.

Q: Can SuperCard THREEDS be used on 3DS, NDS, DSi, DS Lite and DSiXL?
A: Yes. SuperCard DSTHREE is compatible with all iterations of the DS including original NDS, Nintendo 3DS, DSLite, DSi and NDSiXL.


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Q: Is Super Card better than R4 SDHC or R4i Gold cards?
3DS R4 SDHC Gold3DS film - download 3D films for your console.
3DS Video - 3D Blue-Rey and mkv file converter tool for Nintendo N3DS console.
3DS Movie - latest trailers, previews and reviews for Nintendo 3D movies.

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To play Nintendo 3DS Roms on your new handheld console you do not need to add a 3DS ModChip or have the 3DS Hacked . Backup games can be downloaded from 3DS torrents sites full of Free 3DS Roms . After you have the games you can play them on a PC using 3DS Emulator or use a 3DS R4 Chip cartridge to play them on the original hardware. Homebrew Nintendo 3DS ROM files are also available for Download, and 3DS Hackersare working on software that will let you Download 3DS Roms from the internet directly to your DS - without using a PC or Mac! So go down to an internet cafe - connect to teh WiFi and ge the latest 3DS ROM games beamed directly to your micro SD card in SC3DS , AceKard 3 , EZ-Flash or Cyclo3DS adapter. Your Nintendo 3DS ModChips

3DS torrent sites are the fastest way for downloading full game sets, or just a single game from a Nintendo 3DS Rom torrent romset. SuperCard 3DS Menu
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EZ-Flash N3DS - one of the oldest flash linker producers.
Cyclo3DS - best flash card with no extras but expensive.